Imitation in Death by J. D. Robb

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
In Death Series, Book 19
Publisher: Brilliance Audio, Listening Length: 12 hours and 44 minutes (320 pages), ASIN: B0019ZWM4C

Someone is imitating famous serial killers and performing copycat murders.  The same person is leaving a note at each gruesome death scene addressed to Eve.  Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a tough, smart, likable homicide detective, and she is being taunted to find the killer before she becomes the victim.

To date there are 42 books in the In Death  series, with one more expected to be released in February of 2012.  These books are crime drama, suspense and romance because they focus on the case Eve is currently working on as well as her and Roake’s personal relationship. This is a futuristic suspense that takes place in 2059 in New York City. The books are told in a third person narrative that focuses primarily on Lieutenant Eve Dallas, but at times the story is also told through some of the other characters including the murderer. They are written by Nora Roberts under the pseudonym of J. D. Robb.

This was an enjoyable installment in the In Death Series. There were numerous possibilities as to who the murderer was, we knew it was one of them but not which one. Robb kept us guessing right up to the end. The side story on Peabody was intriguing; she was studying to write her detective test while helping Eve solve the case.

Imitation in Death is a standalone book with a good exciting story which developed with a good pace up to an exciting ending.  If you enjoy a good crime drama then you will enjoy this book, it is also a great addition to the In Death series.

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