Immortal in Death by J. D. Robb

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
In Death, Book 3
Publisher: The Penguin Publishing Group (Electronic Edition: August 2003), EBook: 487 KB, Language: English, ISBN-0-425-15378-9

Lieutenant Eve Dallas has a new homicide to investigate, but this time the suspect is her best friend the cute, funky Mavis Freestone. This is a futuristic suspense that takes place in 2055 in New York City. 

Immortal in Death is the third book in the In Death series by J.D. Robb, to date she has written 37 books in the series with book # 38 to be released in November 2010.   I have read most of these books and found them all to be enjoyable and well written.  This book falls into both the suspense and romance categories as the book focuses equally on the case Eve is currently working on as well as Eve and Roake’s relationship.  The books are told in a third person narrative that focuses primarily on Lieutenant Eve Dallas, a dedicated and talented homicide detective. At times, the author also gives us insight into some of the other characters including the murderer. The books are written by Nora Roberts under the pseudonym of J. D. Robb.

While this investigation is going on, Eve is preparing to marry the gorgeous and very successful Irishman known only as Roake. This is a new and interesting facet to Eve’s character.  She is extremely tough and a highly dedicated law enforcer.  Previously she has spent very little time focusing on her feminine side but this upcoming wedding is forcing her to deal with that aspect of her life. The parts of the book that deal with Mavis facing potential charges for murder are very touching and brought a tear to my eye, especially when Eve is forced to treat her as a impersonal suspect.  Eve really hates doing this, but she is forced to this action to prove that she is unbiased which will ensure that she remains the Primary Investigator.

The book is well written and the characters are all well developed. It is during this book that the series adds Officer Peabody as Eve’s aid.  She is cute, efficient and has a quirky sense of humour. The book shows a lot of growth within Eve herself as she opens up new parts of herself.  Parts that she has kept locked away for years due to the terrible abuse she suffered as a child. The book does a good job of following Eve around as she investigates the multiple murders and the ending was every interesting as well as quite unexpected.  This part of the story-line built well with a good climax at the end which included some good action and fast thinking on Eve’s part. I really enjoyed reading about Eve’s growth and discovery of her childhood.  It is also fun to read about the interactions between Eve and Roake.  The sex scenes were well written and quite moving.

This is a standalone book, and I am sure that if you read it you would be quickly reading the first two books in the series.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about strong female lead characters and enjoys a suspense story.  But if you are looking to solve a mystery along with Eve then you will be disappointed since you cannot solve this book on your own.  J. D. Robb keeps too much information out which makes this is impossible, but the story is well written and certainly enjoyable.  I also recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about a bit of romance since there is a fair bit of this as well as some hot sex scenes between Eve and Roake.

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