The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Publisher: Trout Lake Media, Listening Length: 4 hours and 40 minutes (180 pages), ASIN: B002T5U202

A mysterious young man frequently holds extravagant parties for the rich and chic crowd in what is known as East Egg on Long Island. Nick, his neighbour, is soon invited, which we learn is due to Nick’s connection to Gatsby’s long lost love. This is a story of love, lost honour and the cruel nature of some people; it also shows how the past influences the future.

The Great Gatsby was released in 1925 and is a drama that takes place just after the end of World War I. The story is told in a first person narrative by Nick Carraway, but he is not the protagonist, only the narrator. He is chronicling Jay Gatsby’s story. Gatsby is the protagonist and the story is his life as observed by Nick. The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald has completed four novels and numerous short stories; he is also considered one of the great American authors.

The first page of this book is intriguing and summarizes what the story is about, a non-judgemental view of Jay Gatsby’s life. Throughout the book, Mr. Fitzgerald is examining society and exploring the difference between “old” money and “new” money. This is a sad story about some awful people. Initially, we know little about Gatsby, but as the story unfolds his character is drawn with skill and precision until we come to fully understand the man and his motives.

This book is a great character study and certainly worth the read.  It examines an earlier time and gives us an interesting view into the past.


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