Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

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Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
The Mercedes Thompson Series, Book 1
Publisher: Ace (January 31, 2006), Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 9780441013814

How can a shapeshifting coyote kill 2 werewolves? With lots of determination and guts, especially if that coyote is Mercy Thompson and she is trying to save a friend. In this story Mercy gets drawn into werewolf pack problems that involve murder, kidnapping and magic.  It also draws her back to her past for a reunion with her ex-boyfriend.

There are currently six books in The Mercedes Thompson Series. The series revolves around Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson, a Native American shapeshifter who can assume the body of a coyote. She is also a strong, independent woman who makes her living as a mechanic. Patricia Brigg has also written several other series which fall into Paranormal Romance, High Fantasy, and Fantasy.  She has written numerous short stories.  This series is considered Urban Fantasy or Contemporary Fantasy.  The books are told in a first person narrative with Mercy’s voice and thoughts as we unravel the mystery with her.

The story grabs our attention from the first page and keeps us intrigued until the last page.  We are introduced to the protagonist, Mercy Thompson, a Walker.  A Native-American shapeshifter who can also resist the magic of vampires. She is one of a kind as there are not very many, if any Walkers still in existence.  She was raised by werewolves and fully understands their world.  In this book, the fae have come out to humankind but not any other supernaturals. This is a stand-alone book with a good satisfying conclusion.  We meet Mercy’s friend which include a Gremlin, vampire and alfa werewolf.  We learn about her past, which I found to be interesting and well-written.  This story was also a mystery that had several very exciting action scenes which lead up to a good climax ending with a resolution of the mystery.

I know there are six more books in the series and I am curious to see where it is going and what Mercy is going to get up to.  I recommend this book, it is a good series in the Urban Fantasy landscape.  The characters are interesting and pretty well rounded.  If you enjoy books with werewolves, shapeshifters, fae, vampires and witches then you will enjoy this book.

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