Against the Tide of Years by S. M. Stirling

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Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Book two in the Nantucket Series
Publisher: Tantor Audio (November 17, 2008), Audible Audio Edition, Listening Length: 21 hour(s) and 47 min. (454 pages), ASIN: B001NNC0KG

The Island of Nantucket moved 3,000 years into the past 8 years ago. Against the Tide of Years shows how the Islander’s are adapting, what impact they are having on the Bronze age society. Walker and his evil wife Alice Hong are still rampaging and causing strife wherever they go, it is now time to track them down and stop them but something always seems to interfere with this task.

This is the second of three books in the Nantucket series, and it is considered both science fiction and alternative history.  Mr. Stirling has written numerous books and series in the science fiction, fantasy and alternative history genres.  It is told in a third person narrative by the various different characters.

The Islander’s have set up a good operation with a decent political system, the only problem is, they are starting to get complacent. They know they have to deal with Walker but it is simpler to put it off, until trouble comes looking for them. I was appalled that Hong has been torturing and disfiguring people for 8 years and I want to see her and Walker captured and tortured, but based on Hong’s personality, she might like this. We are introduced to a few new characters and some of the gang has moved into new territory.

I enjoyed the story, but I felt there were too many battle scenes with too little character development. I will read the final book in the series, but I am going to wait a while.

Question to Ponder: Based on the actions that Hong and Walker have particpated in, if and when they are finally stopped should they be made to suffer for all the pain they has caused, or would it be better to just remove them from existence?

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2 thoughts on “Against the Tide of Years by S. M. Stirling”

  1. I think we should try to live by the golden rule, which is do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Not, do unto others as they have done to us. Based on this, I think it would be best just to remove them from existence.
    This follows the golden rule, because if I was behaving the way they are, then I would want to be removed from existence


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