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  • The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Maximum Ride, Book 1
Publisher: Hachette Audio (March 18, 2005), Listening Length: 4 hour(s) and 19 min. (464 pages), ASIN: B00083FZCW

The Angel Experiment is about a group of children who refer to themselves as a flock, because they are part human and part bird. They became a unique family helping and protecting each other from the evil scientists who created them in a test tube. Scientists who are hunting them for some mysterious and loathsome purpose, or were they created to save the world?

This book introduces the characters and is told in the first person narrative with the voice and thoughts of the main protagonist, a teenage girl named Maximum Ride who leads the flock. This young adult, science fiction book is the first of eight in the series, with the eighth and final book expected to be released Feb 2012. James Patterson has written and co-written numerous books and series in the thriller, young adult, science fiction, fantasy and romance genres.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the characters.  I thought the story was intriguing and I am very interested to learn who or what the voice is and why only Max can hear it. At times I thought the writing was juvenile and I am not convinced that a thirteen year old girl would really think and speak they way that Max does, but the story has captivated my curiosity. There was plenty of action, it started from the first page and kept building right up to the end. We are left with many unanswered questions, so I am going to be reading School’s Out Forever, so I can (hopefully) find out why they were created.

This book did not really resolve anything and it ended with a cliff-hanger. If you enjoy reading young adult, science fiction books that have an interesting twist you should give Maximum Ride a chance, but be forewarned that you will be drawn into reading the series since this is not a standalone book.

My favourite quote from the book: “I stopped at home to change my wings and buff my halo.”


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    1. What did you think of the second book in the Maximum Ride series, is it worth reading? Is there any reason you did not continue to read the series? Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it! I am now following you on Twitter as well. Your books all look very interesting and I think it is really neat how each one is so different.

      take care, Linda

  1. Thanks for the review. This looks like one my daughters would like. They read so fast I can’t keep up. 🙂 Great to hook up through Book Blogs!

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