Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
6th Book in the Shopaholic Series
Publisher: The Dial Press (September 21, 2010), Format: Kindle Edition, File Size: 589 KB, Print Length: 448 pages, Language: English, ASIN: B003EY7IUY

Becky tells an amusing story of the numerous interesting things that she needs to deal with in her life. One of these is her rambunctious 2 year old daughter who is a handful and very much a mini-shopaholic and another is her attempt to plan a surprise birthday party for Luke.

Mini Shopaholic is the 6th book written by Sophie Kinsella that centers around a lovable character, Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) who loves to shop. She has also written four other novels under this pen name. All of these novels including Mini Shopaholic are considered chick lit. They are also quite funny and amusing. The story is told in the first person narrative with Becky’s voice and thoughts as we follow her through her life.

Becky and Luke Brandon now have a 2 year old daughter named Minnie and she is a mini-Becky in many ways. However, Minnie, as most 2 years olds can, creates a lot of havoc. With the economy in a down swing Becky needs to cut back and it is not easy, especially when she is planning a special surprise birthday party for Luke.

The story is amusing and I absolutely LOVED the end of the book, it was a real feel good conclusion.   I did not think it was as funny as some of the other books, but it certainly did have me chuckling throughout the book.  I thought the beginning was a bit slow to get going and other than Becky’s idea of pockey money for Minnie, did not have any laughs for the first quarter of the book. I also thought the letters at the beginning of the book where a bit too much.  But as the story progressed so did the depth of the book. This story really shows the true character of Becky, what a thoughtful and caring person she is, but by no means perfect.  She is the queen of rationalization.  There was a certain amount of character development, especially when Becky was forced to really look at her shopping addiction. The story had a really good build throughout with a great conclusion at the end. 

This is a stand alone books that can be read independently from any other book in the series, but I would recommend that you read the books in order.  Since each book is very enjoyable and the story does build from book to book. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading chick lit and who enjoys a laugh. The second half of the book was really good and is the reason I gave the book a 3 Treasure Box rating. The first half was slow in getting going but I recommend you keep going  because you will not be disappointed.

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