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Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge

Book Review: 0 Treasure Chest/0 Trash Can

First Book in Nocturne City Series by Caitlin Kittredge.

The beginning of the book wasn’t too bad, but as the book went on, I found it a bit difficult to read, although it did have some interesting parts. I started to read this book, since I had read book two first and found it to be entertaining, I was also interested to see what had happened previously since book two referred back to things that had happened previously.

The book starts out introducing the protagonist Luna Wilder, a Insoli werewolf (that is a werewolf who is a lone wolf, without the protection of a pack) who also happens to be a police officer. We work with her solving a case revolving around several ritualistic murders. She is living with her witch cousin whose name is Sunny and who is a very unpleasant and annoying character.  

Most of the parts were she is interacting with Dimitri, a hunk of werewolf, who also happens to be a suspect, are usually interesting. However, I found some of the writing to be irritating when it described the various different characters communication with other as shrilling, shrieking, or hissing at each other. 

The ending was interesting, with a few surprises thrown in, but I was glad it was over.

Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake

Book Review: 0 Treasure Box, 0 Trash Can

The Second Dark Days Novel

This is a new twist on the modern fantasy novel.  This time the vampires are the good guys fighting against the Naturi, a people who are similar to Elves but they think they are superior to humans and vampires and in fact want to enslave humanity even though most of humanity is ignorant that either exist.

 The Naturi have been mostly banished from earth to a different world but the few that remain on earth want to break the seal and return the  Naturi earth. Mira and Danaus are now hunting the Naturi and trying to stop them from opening up the seal.

The key to stopping the Naturi is a vampire triad, a group of three, with Mira as a key member. The triad becomes a formidable weapon against the Naturi, this is proven and used in the first book, however, it is completely forgotten about and not used at all in the second book. Which I found very odd in that it did not make much sense.

There were more  problems with the story like at the end when it comes down to the final battle, first Mira says she can not use her fire starting ability because there is too much power in the air and she will be unable to control it, then she uses it anyways.  Previously in the series it mentions that certain Naturi can interfere with her ability to use her power, but here at the end there is no mention of that and she can in fact use her ability.  Also, she refuses to use the powerful weapon that she has against the Naturi. One that she used with Danaus’ help in the first book, and she does not want to use it “because it is just too awful”. What a lame excuse and plot hole. 

Finally there is also no mention of the power of the triad, even though all three parties are together at the end of the book. The series would end right here if the logic of the story was played out properly and the triad was effectively used, I guess that is why it was ignored in this book.