The Wheel of Time Series By Robert Jordan

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I can not yet rate this series since it has not yet competed, I am currently reading book 13 in the series and there are to be a total of 15 books, including the prequel, but so far the series is pretty darn good.

The writing in this series is phenomenal, I have read books 1 – 10 several times and I have even read the prequel.  The story itself is really complex and includes many characters and story lines. This is one of the best good versus evil fantasy series around.  It certainly is in the same league as the Lord of the Rings series, and somewhat based on some of the premises, although not the same style.

This series has magic in the form of The One Power which flows from the True Source, which is composed of the Male and Female side of the One Power.  However, the male side of the One Power is corrupted and it causes men who use  it to become insane.  This corruption occurred 3 thousand years ago, after the dragon (Lews Therin Telamon) defeated the Dark One and resealed him and the forsaken back in their prison at Shayol Ghul. This in turn caused the breaking of the world, because all the male Aes Sedais went mad and in the process unleashed the one power in the world which essentially tore up and destroyed the world as it was, probably half the people alive at that time died and it caused an advanced society to become once again a very simple society.

The One Power is only available to a very limited number of people.  There are no elves, dwarfs, goblins, but there are evil people, Trollocs (similar to Orcs,)  Myrddraal (similiar to Nazgûl,) and the Dark One (the antithesis of the Creator, Similar to the Dark Lord in Lord of the Rings.)

Each book starts with a reference to the Wheel of Time turning, which has 7 spokes, each spoke representing an age and as the wheel turns these ages come and go with various events occuring and people being born and re-born.

The most pivot people are Rand al’Thor, who is the main protagonist, and his friends Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara and Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara.  Of course there are many more people and characters both good and bad.

The basis of the story is the growth and adventures of the characters on the path toward the final battle of good (Rand as the dragon reborn) and evil (The Dark One.)

I was really disappointed with book 11 as I did not feel it made any progress in the story.  The book itself was still interesting though.

When I discovered that James Oliver Rigney, Jr., (Pen name Robert Jordon) had  passed away in 2007 I was really sad that such a great author had passed, and also disappointed in that the Wheel of Tim series was not yet complete and wondering where he had planned on going with the series. It is great news that Brandon Sanderson ( Who wrote the Mistborn series, a very enjoyable read,) agreed to complete the series using Robert Jordan’s many notes, outlines, completed scenes and dictated explanations.

Prequel: New Spring,
Book 1: The Eye of the World,
Book 2: The Great Hunt,
Book 3: The Dragon Reborn,
Book 4: The Shadow Rising,
Book 5: The Fires of Heaven,
Book 6: Lord of Chaos,
Book 7: A Crown of Swords,
Book 8: The Path of Daggers,
Book 9: Winter’s Heart,
Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight,
Book 11: Knife of Dreams,
Book 12: The Gathering Storm,
Book 13: Towers of Midnight,
Book 14: A Memory of Light.


Wheel of Time Series – some Hummms?

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I was wondering what is the point of the Darkfriends and the Forsaken.  Why would anyone want to help the Dark One if the reward is everlasting life in a world created by the Dark One.  Just look at the Blight, who would want to live like that? Also, if you disappoint the Dark One, then you are made to suffer for ever after, is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

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Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Book 13 of the The Wheel of Time
Publisher: Tor Books (Nov 2 2010), Hardcover: 864 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0765325942, ISBN-13: 978-0765325945

This is another entertaining book in the unfolding story of the Dragon Reborn (Rand al’Thor) and the Two River’s gang in their fight against evil. This book effectively pulls together numerous storylines that have unfolded in the previous volumes. The story itself is really complex and includes many characters and story lines.  The most pivotal people are Rand al’Thor, who is the main protagonist, and his friends Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara. Of course there are many more people and characters both good and bad. The basis of the story is the growth and adventures of the characters on the path toward the final battle of good (Rand as the dragon reborn) and evil (The Dark One.)

The Towers of Midnight is the 13th book in a series of fourteen books plus a prequel that centres on the Dragon Reborn and the last battle. James Oliver Rigney, Jr., (Pen name Robert Jordon) is the sole author of the prequel through to book eleven.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2007 before completing the series but he did leave copious notes. Brandon Sanderson, an accomplished author, agreed to complete the Wheel of Time (WoT) using these notes, outlines, completed scenes and dictated explanations. This book falls under the epic fantasy genre since it has magic in the form of the one power, which is only available to a very limited number of people.  There are no elves, dwarfs, goblins, but there are evil people, Trollocs (similar to Orcs,)  Myrddraal (similiar to Nazgûl,) and the Dark One (the antithesis of the Creator, Similar to the Dark Lord in Lord of the Rings.) The story is told in a third person narrative from many different characters, although most frequently from the Two River’s gang. Most of the books also have a prologue and some have an epilogue.

This is one of the best good versus evil fantasy series around. It certainly is in the same league as the Lord of the Rings series, and includes some of the same premises, although not the same tone. This book is well written and continues in a style similar to the earlier WoT books. There are many resolutions revealed in this book.  There is a fair bit concerning Perrin, including resolving his issues with the Children of the light. There is an exciting action scene between Perrin and one of the forsaken, who goes by the name of Isam. Egwene is in the White Tower searching out the forsaken Mesaana, who she finally meets up with in Tel’aran’rhiod with some interesting twists, lots of action and an interesting result.

There are several engrossing story-lines surrounding Mat.  His battle against the Gholam was scary and exciting.  His journey into the Tower of Ghenjei to face the Aelfinn and Eelfinn and ultimately to save Moraine was well written and full of surprises. It is great to have Moraine back in the story and who her next warder becomes is a big surprise. Rand reveals to Egwene his upcoming plans for his fight in the last battle to mixed emotions. Since Rand’s transformation in book twelve, he has become the embodiment of good and dispels corruption wherever he goes. He prepares to hold conference with his followers on eve of the upcoming final battle.  Lan also attracts followers as he marches towards battle in the borderlands.

If you have read the previous books in the series then this is a must read.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a complex and intense epic fantasy. To read the whole series is a big time commitment but well worth the effort.  It is with great anticipation that I await the final book in the series.

The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Book Twelve in the Wheel of Time Series
Publisher: Tor Books; Reprint edition (September 28, 2010), Mass Market Paperback: 1120 pages , Language: English , ISBN-10: 0765341530 , ISBN-13: 978-0765341532

I really enjoyed this book, it was interesting and it resolved a number of major issues, I found the book hard to put down as I kept wondering what would happen next. Even though the book was written by Brandon Sanderson, I felt that it had much the feel of Robert Jordan and I do not think it is really noticeable that is was written by someone else.

The book starts with all the main players separated from each other, with each doing their own thing and resolving their own issues*.  There is also mention throughout the book about a storm that is coming and the dark clouds that are gathering, (hence the name of the book.) Rand is in hiding with Min and Nynaeve plus his enormous entourage of Aiel, Aes Sedai and Asha’man (men who can channel) in Arad Doman.  He wants to make peace with the Seanchan so he doesn’t have to worry about them when he fights at the final battle.  He also wants to help the people in Arad Doman by setting up a King and resolving the food shortage.

Rand is searching for one of the Forsaken, Graendal and has another one, Semirhage, in custody.  However, Semirhage escapes and tries to bind Rand with a male collar (a collar that makes the person into a slave through pain,) however Randy escapes this through accessing the True Power.  A power even more powerful than the One Power. He destroys Semirhage with balefire, a method of killing that causes the pattern of time to unravel so it is very dangerous, but it is also the only way to kill the Forsaken.  Every other Forsaken that Rand thought he killed, has re-appeared.

Min is researching out information to help Rand defeat the Dark One.  Nynaeve is now married to Lan, but Lan has gone North to defend the Gap (against the forces of dark coming into the South,) even though she is worried for Lan, she feels she must stay with Rand to assist him as she is the only Aes Sedai that he trusts.  (Although I am thinking that Rand will need to work with the female Aes Sedai in order to defeat the dark one and so must at some point overcome his fears.)

There is not much action in Mat’s story except that he is no longer with the Daughter of the Nine Moons, Tuon (who he married in the last book,) and he is traveling with the Band to Caemlyn, although there is an interesting story where they come across a town that has weird things happening due to the influence of the Dark One on the world.

There is also not much action in Perrin’s story except that he is now back together with Faille and since he routed the Shadio, the Aiel who do not support Rand, he has a large number of refuges to transport.

The story centres mostly around Rand and Egwene.  Egwene is the Amrylin Seat for the rebel group of Aes Sedai, who are camped outside of the White Tower, putting the Tower under seige.  Egwene has been captured by the White Tower and they have declared she is still a novice and has been sent for punishment every day.  She is fighting back by still acting like the Amrylin and refusing to show any discomfort with the punishment.  She builds up a lot of support in the Tower during this period and there is a lot of details about her predicament.

If you have not read the book, do not read anymore as it goes into more details about how the story progresses.

The Seanchan, with Tuon, now as Empress, declines Rands offer of peace and decides to make a raid of the White Tower to try to capture as many Aes Sedais as possible.  This way they will not be able to support Rand and will be of use to the Empire.  When the Seanchan attack the White Tower, Egwene is instrumental in fighting them off, so attains more popularity.  Also, Elaida, the Amrylin Seat of the White Tower (not the rebel group,) is carried away by the Seanchan.  This quite conveniently solves the problem of the White Tower and allows Egwene to make the Tower whole again.  In the process Verin, an Aes Sedai that has been helping Rand, comes to Egwene revealing that she is in fact of the Black Ajah, but only joined so she could study it.  She has discovered the names of over 200 Aes Sedai that are Black and gives Egwenethese names before she dies.  As she can only reveal this information the hour before her death due to the restrictions of the oath she took to the Dark One, she took poison before seeing Egwene so she could reveal the information.

After Rand is captured, once again, (as noted above) and once he accesses the True Source, he becomes very grim, hard and dark.  He knows he is going to die at the last battle and he has finally crossed the line that he set for himself of not killing a woman, when he kills Semirhage.  Then when he kills Graendal, he uses balefire and destroys an entire castle filled with people. He also feels he failed in Arad Doman because all the grain he arranged to arrive has gone bad, due to the influence of the Dark One, and he was unable to establish a King.  Everyone is very worried about him and send his father Tam to him, who Rand almost kills in anger.  Rand then decides to go Ebou Dar where the Seanchan are stationed to destroy them.  Once there he realizes that the people under the rule of the Seanchan are doing better than they were under his rule.  He still decides he is going to destroy city with balefire, but when he tries to access the one power he becomes very ill, the people around him show him a lot of concern, so he leaves the area.

He travels to Dragonmount and is consumed with despair, feeling what is the point of it all anyways, maybe it would be best to end it all now, using an immensely powerful sa’angreal, he pulls in huge amounts of the one power, much more than Lews Therin Telamon used when he killed himself and created the Dragonmount.  As he is contemplating the point of it all, Lews Therin Telamon, the voice in his head, says in a very sane voice, that maybe the point of it all is so that we can have a second chance. And this is a pivotal point for Rand, he realises that he does have a purpose, he realizes that the last time Lews Therin Telamon fought the Dark One he did it wrong, but maybe this time Rand can do it right.  So he takes all the power he has created and directs it to the sa’angreal, which he then destroys. Rand now knows that he will never hear Lews Therin Telamon’s voice again because he now knows that he and Lews are one and the same.  At the same time the clouds have broken and the sun is shining over Dragonmount.  This to me is a turning point for Rand.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series as well as the final conclusion.

*See my blog on the Wheel of Time Series as well as the previous books in the series

The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

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Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Book Eight in the Wheel of Time Series
Publisher: Tor Books; 1ST edition (December 15, 1999), Mass Market Paperback: 704 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0812550293, ISBN-13: 978-0812550290

Although still enjoyable, this book was not as compelling as the preceding books. My favourite storyline in this book was surrounding Egwene and her adventures as the Amyrlin Seat with the Rebel Aes Sedai.

It is not really clear what the Path of Daggers is, but there is an old Seanchan saying: “On the heights, all paths are paved with daggers.” which I believe means that as Rand’s strength and power increases, his path becomes harder and more dangerous.

There was a slight progression of the characters development in this book with the most growth being shown in Egwene.  The book starts looking at the problem that Rand is becoming too hard. we are introduced to the idea that this will cause a dilema that will be counter productive to his final battle with the Dark One.  It brings forward the deeper concerns that in order to fight evil Rand must still be caring, trusting and loving.

This book did not have any kind of conclusion to any of the story-lines, in fact it has a cliff-hanger ending.  We also do not find out anything about Mat, so we are still wondering what is happening with the cliff-hanger from the end of book seven.

This book starts out immediately following the ending of Book Seven with Elayne, Nynaeve and Aviendha along with Lan,  the Sea Folk, the Kin and several Aes Sedai at the Kin’s farm where they successfully use the Bowl of Wind to fix the weather.  However, the Seanchan have arrived in Ebou Dar and due to the large surge of one power that is used to fire the bowl it is like a spot light for the Seanchan.  What transpires next is very exciting and well written.

The book briefly covers Perrin and reveals his secret mission.  There is a fairly lengthly story surrounding Rand and his adventures.

However, I have been hooked by Mr Jordan into the on-going story so I will definitely be reading book nine to hopefully find out what happened to Mat and Faile and to see how the overall story is going to progress.

****Spoiler alert, do not read any further, if you have not yet read the book****

Once Elayne and gang use the Bowl of Winds, they see the Seanchan so Elayne makes a gateway to a farm on the outskirts of Caemlyn.  She sends everyone away ahead of her and is starting to un-weave the gateway. This is a very dangerous thing to do since if it is not undone exactly in the reverse order of how it was made it can have very unpredictable consequences ranging from a huge explosion to a small fizzle.

When she is partially done the Seanchan arrive and start to follow them through the gateway.  Birgitte and Aviendha are able to delay the Seanchan until all three of them are able to escape a fair distance from the gateway.  Then Elayne lets go of the partially un-weaved gateway and a huge explosion goes off destroying all the Seanchan who have followed through gateway plus most of them on the other side.

The three of them escape with a few scrapes but are otherwise okay.  Then the whole lot of them proceed through Andor to the palace.  During their trip the Kin start to lose their fear of the Aes Sedai, the Sea Folk start to force the fulfillment of the Bargain and it is revealed that one of their group is a dark friend who has murdered one of the Aes Sedai as well as the Black Ajai that they were holding prisoner.

At the end of the book, Elayne arrives in Caemlyn and declares her claim to the Lion Throne.  She also tears down all the Dragon banners and tells Rand to get out of Andor, but she still loves him.

Perrin’s secret mission is to meet with The Prophet and get him to come to Rand for a meeting, which he is successful in doing. In the process Alliandre, the queen of Ghealdan swears fealty to Perrin.  They also meet up with Morgase the ex-queen of Andor and Elayne’s mother.  She hides who she really is and becomes a maid to Faile.  However, at the end of the book, while Perrin is away, Faile gets captured by the Shaido Aiel along with Alliandre and Morgase.

Egwene is able to get the rebel Aes Sedai to declare war against Elaida, then immediately after that she proves to the sitters that when the White Tower is at war the Amyrlin has full veto power in matters concerning the war.  In this way she is able to wrestle control back away from the sitters who thought they could manipulate and control her.  She also has several sisters swear fealty to her, this is something that has been virtually unheard of until now. Egwene then allows the rebel Aes Sedai and army a chance to rest for one month before Travelling to Tar Valon to start the siege against Elaida.

Rand finds out about the Seanchan in Altara and uses the Asha’man, Illianers and Bashere’s men to fight them off. They have some success but many losses.  The one power is also acting funny after the use of the Bowl of Winds. Rand tries to use Callandor but loses control and kills many of his own people.  He is successful in driving the Seanchan back, but at too great a cost. He then later learns that in order to use Callandor he needs to wield it with two women and with one of those women in control.  Rand and Lews Therin Telamon have a great problem trusting women who can channel so this is not great news to Rand.

When Rand returns to Illian, he is attacked and almost killed by traitorous Asha’man led by Dashiva.  However, he is able to defeat them although Dashiva escapes.

A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Seventh Book of The Wheel of Time Series
Publisher: Tor Books (November 15, 1997), Mass Market Paperback: 896 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0812550285, ISBN-13: 978-0812550283

This is another entertaining book in the unfolding story of the Dragon Reborn (Rand al’Thor) and the Two Rivers gang in their fight against evil. The writing was once again superb.  There was development in all the characters but Nynaeve shown the most growth.  The book has two main themes going on, one which centres primarily around Rand and the other centres around Mat, Elayne and Nynaeve.  There is very little in the book concerning Perrin or Egwene.

There is a bit more about the Sea Folk, first with Nynaeve with Elayne and then with Rand. We learn a bit more about the Sea Folk, particularly that they are renowned negotiators.

The story once again progresses slowly, but a lot happens. This book is called A Crown of Swords and the end of the book explains why. The story of the Crown of Swords does come to a conclusion, but the overall story is far from finished.  However, this book, more than any other so far leaves you feeling that you are in the middle of a story.  In particular, it leaves the situation with Mat as a total cliff-hanger.

I really enjoyed the book and I am anxious to pick up the next book in the series so I can see what will happen next.

****Spoiler alert, do not read any further, if you have not yet read the book****

Following is my summary of this book.  This book starts out immediately following book five, Lord of Chaos.  Rand has been freed from capture and is back in Cairhien.  However, when he arrives things are in disarray.  The Aiel are concerned that he deserted them and Colaveaere has crowned herself Queen of Cairhien in Rand’s absence.  Rand sets Colaveaere straight, and takes not only the crown away from her, but also all her titles and holdings.  He really should have her executed as a traitor, but because she is a woman he is unable to do so.  However, the shame of her situation causes her to hang herself.

Rand gets into a big fight with Perrin, that was pre-arranged, however, in the process Rand becomes really angry with Perrin and almost kills him.  Perrin and Faile then leave for some unstated purpose.

Rand and Min find out that Hedrid Fel, the eccentric scholar, has been brutally murdered because he has uncovered important information for Rand that the Dark One wants to keep hidden. While Rand and Min are consoling each other, they finally consummate their relationship, after which Rand feels very guilty and is ashamed that he did this against Min’s will. He then locks himself in his room for days.  However, once Min sets Rand straight that it was mutual she convinces Rand to go see the Sea Folk.  Which Rand does and his ta’veren nature helps him secure from them what he wants, which is for them to provide ships as he requires.  He then leaves the Aes Sedai to complete the negotiations since they require an agreement to fulfil their prophecies.

Rand is feeling very cocky after his success with the Sea Folk and so he decides to go to the Cairhien rebels to see if his ta’veren nature will help resolve things there.  He and Min sneek off and travel to their camp, where they are able to keep their true identities hidden.  However, Paden Fain is there and after the area is attacked by a bubble of evil in the form of a murdering fog, Rand is attacked by Paden.  Paden slices him with the evil and deadly knife from Shadar Logoth.  However, Rand turns just in time and the slice is across his old festering wound given to him by Ishamael (alias Ba’alzamon.)  Rand still almost dies but between the treatment he is given by the Aes Sedai and the Asha’man and the fact that these two wounds seem to fight each other he is able to recover.

Once he recovers he takes the Asha’man to Illian to fight Sammael.  When Sammaelrealizes Rand is in Illian he goes to Shadar Logoth.  Rand follows him and then a battle ensues. After Rand receives help from an unknown man who can access the true source, he is able to get the upper hand.  It appears as though Sammael has been destroyed after he is buried under rubble that is covered with the evil of Shadar Logoth.

When Rand returns to Illian the city is his and he is crowned the king with the Illian Crown of Swords.

The only interesting things that happened with Egwene is Moghedien was freed and she is able to get the rebels to slowly move towards Tar Valon. She also convinces Lan to go to Nynaeve in Ebou Dar.

Meanwhile Nynaeve and Elayne are in Ebou Dar with Mat, Thom and Julian.  They are searching for the Bowl of the Winds ter’angreal which will help them restore the weather.  While they are searching, they are able to enlist the help of the Sea Folk, but the Sea Folk demand an agreement which it seems the girls get the short end of but the details are not yet revealed. However, they do have the help of the Sea Folk, who are very strong weather manipulators to help them once the Bowl is found.

They also discover the Kin, a group of women who can channel, but have either been put out of the White Tower or else are wilders.  They invite them all to go to Egwene’s group of Aes Sedai to become novices and are shocked to learn there are several thousands of them.

Moghedien, Black Ajah, Dark Friends and forsaken are all in Ebou Dar looking for the Bowl.  Moghedien sees Nynaeve on a boat and tries to kill her. While Nynaeve is drowning she is able to finally break through her block to the one power in order to save herself. She is then pulled out of the water by Lan.  She is surprised and happy to see him.  She then convinces him to marry her and the service is completed by the Sea Folk.

Elayne and Nynaeve are having a difficult time finding the Bowl until they ask Mat to help.  As soon as Mat becomes involved the Bowl is found due to Mat’s ta’veren nature.  However, when they go to get the Bowl they are attacked by dark friends, the Black Ajah and a Gholam (only six of these were created during the war of the shadow, they are creatures which were created to destroy anyone who can channel because the one power can not touch them.  They are also very strong, very hard to kill and can move through very small spaces.) They are able to fight off everyone and Mat is able to hurt, but not kill the Gholam buy touching him with his medallion, which seems to be the only thing that can harm the creature.

They find the Bowl and decide to go out to the Kin’s farm to work the Bowl in a circle with the Sea Folk.  However, just as they are leaving Mat discouvers that Olver is missing so he can not go with them. He stays behind to look for Olver.  While he is looking, the dice are rattling around in his brain and he sees the Seanchan are attacking Ebou Dar.  Then he is knocked out by falling debry, but just before he passes out the dice stop rattling.

Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Book six of the Wheel of Time Series
Publisher: Tor Fantasy; 1St. edition (November 15, 1995), Mass Market Paperback: 1011 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0812513754, ISBN-13: 978-0812513752

Another great book centering around our protagonist Rand al’Thor, The Dragon Reborn.  I enjoyed reading this book, I like how the story is being weaved together.  This book starts shortly after the end of the last book and although it mostly centers around Rand it also deals in varying degrees with all the main characters.

There is growth within all the characters although I thought the most growth was shown in Egwene and Rand. Although there was quite a bit going on, the storyline did not progress very far.

The weather in the book is all wrong, it should be winter but everywhere it is still summer which is a sign that the dark one is getting a stronger hold on the world.

Rand has somehow rediscovered the talent of traveling, which seemed a bit odd to me since Asmodean (the forsaken who Rand had teaching him lost talents) was killed at the end of the last book. The book starts with Rand popping back and forth between Cairhien and Caemlyn. Rand’s main focus is going after Sammael with a plan that is not shared with the reader.  Also, Rand does not really seem to put much effort into this scheme.

Egwene is still with the Aiel recovering from the injury she sustained after being attacked by Lanfear and continuing to learn about Tel’aran’rhiod. Elayne and Nynaeve are in Salidar with the rebel Aes Sadei using Moghedien to rediscover lost talents. Rand in using Matt and his band to distract Sammael from the true plan. Perrin, Falle and Loial do  not appear until towardsthe end of the book, when they appear in Caemlyn. Perrin was drawn there since he felt the pull of ta`veren and felt that he needed to be near Rand.

Although I really enjoyed the book, I thought that this book had a few flaws, or perhaps the writer intended them, I am not sure.  For one thing Rand seemed to flit around from place to place and plan to plan without any real focus.  Another part I did not enjoy was Falle’s treatment of Perrin.  But other than that I was very entertained.

I am looking forward to continuing the story in the next book, A Crown of Swords.

******SPOILER ALERT******do no read any further if you have not read the book as I am summarizing what occurred in the book.

The Aes Sedai from both Elaida and the rebels come to Rand to offer their support, but on their terms.  Alanna makes Rand her warder against his will, but she is unable to control him with this because he is too strong.  Rand gets scared when he realizes there are 13 Aes Sedais in the rebel group, 13 are enough to take control of him against his will and turn him to the dark side. So he flees to Cairhien where Elaida’s Aes Sedai are and they trick him and capture him.  They put him in a small chest, torture him twice daily and Hall him off to the White Tower. The Shadio Aiel are helping the Aes Sedai.

However, Perrin, who has arrived in Caemyln with Falle and Lolial. First went with Rand to Cairhein and then once they determined that Rand has been captured he lead the assault to free Rand. After Rand has been held prisoner for several weeks, Perrin`s group finally meets up with them at Dunai Wells where there is a great battle.  And at first it seems that Perrin`s group is greatly out numbered due to the number of Shadio Aiel, but with the help of the wolves and the Asha`man, (men who can channel) that arrived at the last minute using travelling, they are successful and Rand is set free.

Rand stills a couple of Aes Sedai during his release and he shields many more.  These are the first Aes Sedai to swear fealty to him and part of the prophesies are fullfilled.

First Matt is sent to march towards Illian and Sammael and then Rand pulls him off that and sends him to Salidar to take Elayne to Caemlyn to be crowned queen.  However, Elayne wants to go to Ebou Dar to find a Ter`angreal that will repair the weather so Matt goes with her and Nynaeve to Ebou Dar.  Elayne and Nynaeve are now full sisters even though they have not used the oath bar and Nynaeve can only channel when she is angry.  They leave Egwene in charge of Moghedien in Salidar.

Egwene was called back to Salidar which she was able to travel in 1 day and there she was made the AmrylinSeat and also becomes a full sister without using the oath rod. The Rebels make her the Amrylin because she is very strong in the power, they think they can control her and there are 3 separate groups there that would rather see Egwene as Amrylin than one of the other groups. She convinces the rebels to start moving towards Tar Valon, which they do under Gareth Bryne`s army.

The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan

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Book Review: 4 Treasure Boxes
Book Five of the Wheel of Time Series
Publisher: Tor Fantasy; 1ST edition (October 15, 1994), Mass Market Paperback: 992 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0812550307, ISBN-13: 978-0812550306

Once I picked this book up, I had a very difficult time putting it back down.  It was captivating and the writing is stellar. This book takes place immediately following the end of book four. I really enjoyed the character development and the developing relationship between the characters.

It was particularly fun to read about Aviendha and Rand’s relationship. I also enjoy reading about Nynaeve, she is amusing and this book focused quite about on what and how she thinks and it really shows that underneath she is a very caring and brave person. It is interesting to read about both her and Egwene’s growth in this book.

I like how the author has built into the story the challenges that Rand has to go through especially with the Aiel.  It follows the prophecies that Rand is to bring them together, yet tear them apart (redo) but they must follow him if a shred of a shred of the Aiel is to survive the last battle.  This builds into the story that the Aiel must follow him, yet they are reluctant and even scared (although Aiel do not show any fear) and at the same time a large group of the Aiel are opposed to him and cause him much discord and destruction.

There are basically two main storylines in this book. One follows Rand, Mat, Egwene and Moiraine who are all together in the Aiel Waste and it follows their journey.  The other one follows Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin who have all just escaped from Tanchico after foiling the plans of the Black Ajah at the end of The Shadow Rising. There is a minor story-line with Siuan, Leanne, Min and Logain who have escaped from Tar Valon.  This book does not deal with Perrin in any way.

The book had a great ending and I am anxious to pick up the next book in the series.

***Spoiler alert, following is a recap of the book, do not read it if you have not already read the book***

Rand and gang are in the Aiel Waste, but there is a lot of dissension within the Aiel. With the most problems coming from the Shaido, who are lead by Couladin.  Couladin has also been marked as the Car’a’carn, but he received his marks from Asmodean.  Couladin leads his people across the dragonwall to Cairhien and in the process murders many people and captures many more as slaves.  This forces Rand’s hand to follow him which culminates in a great battle between the two groups of Aiel. Mat’s abilities as a great general really stand out and he earns himself a large following of soldiers who like to fight with him (especially due to Mat’s uncanny luck and ability.)

Once Rand defeats the Shaido and Mat kills Couladin, Rand finds out there is trouble in Caemlyn.  He knows that Ravhin is there and so he decides to go and face Ravhin so he can save Caemlyn for Elayne.  Once there he battles and kills Ravhin with balefile.  However, before he goes Moiraine faces Lanfear and they both fall through the twisted red doorframe ter’angreal that Mat went through in Rhuidean.  After they fall through it the ter’angreal catches fire and is burnt to the ground.  However, before Moiraine disappears she gives Rand two letters. One addressed to Rand which states that she new this was going to happen as it revealed to her in Rhuidean and that she thinks Rand will do well with all he has learned so far.  The other letter is addressed to Thom, but we do not know what it says.

Nynaeve, Elayne and gang are traveling to Tar Valon to dispose of the male collar (a collar that can capture and control Rand) and the seal on the Dark Lord’s prison when they discover that Elaida and not Siuan is the Amyrlin Seat and that the tower has split into two group. After they are almost captured and shipped back to Tar Valon, they decide to go to the rebel group of Aes Sedai, which they find at the end of the book.  In their journey the famous archery hero of legend is ripped out of Tel’aran’rhiod by Moghedien. Brigitte almost dies from this and the only way to save her is for Elayne to make her a Warder.  Nynaeve is able to capture Moghedien with a collar and makes her a prisoner.

The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

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Book Review:4 Treasure Boxes
Fourth Book in the Wheel of Time Series
Publisher: Tor Fantasy; 1st. edition (October 15, 1993), Mass Market Paperback: 1008 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0812513738, ISBN-13: 978-0812513738

This book starts out with a big bang, it really grabs your interest from the first page. It was really unexpected the way the inanimate objects started attacking Perrin, Mat and Rand. The story takes place immediately following the events from The Dragon Reborn. I really enjoyed this book and found that it was non-stop action from the first page to the last page. The plot line is advancing with all the characters showing development of both abilities and understanding. The story had an ending to each of the storylines in the book, but it also left lots of room for development.   I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

If you haven’t read the book yet, do not go any further.

It starts out in Tear after Rand has taken hold of Callandar and all the characters are together. Rand is reading a lot about the prophecies and he is trying to determine what he should do next. Soon after The Stone of Tear is attached by Trollocs and Fades and he realizes he must do something not expected.

Rand, Matt and Moiraine, separately, yet at the same time go into the twisted red door ter’angreal to the land of the Aelfinn, to get answers to their questions and it is there that Matt realizes he must go to Rhuidien.

Once again the group splits up and there is lots of actions within each group. Egwene, while in the land of dreams comes across an Aiel Wise Women, Amys who tells Egwene she must come to her in the Aiel Waste to learn how to become a dreamwalker. Rand also decides his next step must be with the Aeil and after reading the prophecies, he decides he too must go to Rhuidien.  So Rand, Matt, Egwene and Moiraine along with Lan and the Aiel all go to Rhuidien through the portal stones, but this time there are difficulties getting there.  Perrin discovers there are White Cloaks in the Two Rivers and that they are looking for him, so he decides he must go to save his family from the White Cloaks.  Faile, Loial, Gaul and 2 maidens of the spear go with him. Nynaeve and Elayne continue to chase the Black Ajah along with help from Thom and Julian the thief catcher.  They go to Tanchico to find both the object that can harm Rand and to find the Black sisters.

While Matt is in Rhuidien he goes through another twisted red door ter’angreal, but this time it is to the land of the Eelfinn and instead of answering questions they grant wishes, but at a cost.  Matt’s requests were to have the holes in his memory filled, which they are with the memories of great generals through all of time and to be protected from Aes Sedai, which he is from the medallion he now has. The cost he pays is to be hung and to die, but Rand is able to revive him.

While Rand is in Rhuidien he discovers the dirty little secret of the Aeil, that they are related to the hated Tinkers and have broken their vow of non-violence. When he leaves Rhuidien both his arms are marked with the dragons proving he is the Car’a’carn, chief of all chiefs.  But since the prophecies say he is to break the children of the dragon (Aiel) he does so when he proves that the evil Shaido Couladin is not the Car’a’carn by reveiling the truth about the Aeil.  This causes great grief and strife within the Aiel.  In the middle of this Lanfear comes to Rand and tells him that she means Asmodean to teach Rand how to use the one power and that he in Rhuidien.  Rand, using the power, goes to Rhuidien to confront Asmodean and to stop him from obtaining the strongest male angreal ever made.  In the process there is huge fight between them using the power and Rhuidien is all but destroyed, Rand however is able to shield Asmodean from access to the dark one’s power and he is able to control Asmodean.  Rand also finds both the male and female angreal and takes them with him.

Perrin goes to the Two Rivers and finds that his whole family was supposedly killed by Trollocs, (but they were really killed by Padan Fain.)  Perrin rallies everyone in the Two Rivers and is able to both defeat the Trollocs and the white cloaks, he is now considered a Lord by everyone in the Two Rivers.  Him and Faile are now married.  Perrin also is able to injure one of the forsaken known as Slayer.

Nynaeve and Elayne meet up with Egeanin, a Seanchan, but before they discover what Egeanin is they both really come to like her and Egeanin comes to like them and has to re-think what she has been taught about Aes Sedai. With Thom, Juilin and Bayle Domon’s help they find the black sisters who have the Panarch as a prisoner.  They are able to free the Panarch and find the object that is meant to harm Rand.  They also find another of the Dark One’s seals.  In the process Nynaeve defeats Moghedien in a one-on-one battle with the power and is able to shield Moghedien, but somehow she escapes.

Meanwhile in the White Tower, Elaida gets the Amrylin Seat and her sitter deposed and stilled.  Min manages to free them both and the three of them along with Logain escape from Tar Valon.

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

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Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Book Three of The Wheel of Time Series
Publisher: Tor Fantasy (September 14, 2002), paperback: 624 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0765305119, ISBN-13: 978-0765305114

An enjoyable book with an exciting storyline.  This time however, the book did not spend much time with the main protagonist Rand Al’Thor (The Dragon reborn,) the book starts several months after the end of the Great Hunt. Rand, Perrin and Min with Moiraine and Lan are with the Shienarans are waiting (for what I could never figure out) and hiding in the mountains of Mist, with Matt, Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve at the White Tower. I did not enjoy it as much as the first 2 books because I thought the middle was a bit slow.

The story starts out with the two parties, but then once again they get separated into 4 parties, with each group on their own adventures, the book focused mostly on the adventures of Matt and Thom as one group, Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve as one group and Perrin and Moiraine with Lan as one group. We learn more about the forsaken and the Black Ajah.  The adventures of each group along the way is intriguing, but the end was the most thrilling.

If you have not read the book, do not read any further.

Rand is tired of sitting and hiding, so he sets out on his own to go to Tear where Callandor (a sword that is not a sword and one than can only be removed by the Dragon Reborn) is held, on his way he is beset by dark friends, Myrddraal, dark hounds and other evils which he must fight on his journey. Perrin and Moiraine with Lan follow, along the way they meet Faille (Perrin’s great love) and they discover that the forsaken are in Illian and Tear.  They are also chased by grey men and dark hounds, but they too end up in Tear.

Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve are sent on a chase to find the Black Ajah and they too end up in Tear, along the way they also run into difficulties but they are saved by the Aiel. Meanwhile Matt has gone to Caemlyn to take a letter to Queen Morgase from Elayne, along the way he meets up with Thom and his luck and the spinning dice are really starting to impact his life. When he gets to Caemlyn he finds another forsaken controlling Queen Morgase and plotting to kill Elayne, Egwene and Nynaeve. Once he learns this he and Thom decides to go to Tear to save them.

Once everyone is Tear, things really start to happen, Elayne, Egwene And Nynaeve are captured by the Black Ajah, but then released by Matt.  Perrin saves Faille and in the process cements their relationship.  Moraine kills Be’lal with balefire after he first fights with Rand. Rand takes hold of Callandor, kills one of the forsaken who he thinks is the Dark One.  By taking hold of Callandor he proclaims himself the Dragon Reborn and has proven himself by fulfilling the prophecies.  The Aiel claim he is “He who comes with the dawn” and proclaim they are the people of the dragon.