Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

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Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (The Southern Vampire Mysteries), Book 11
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Sookie has trouble following her around, some from her own making and some from outside of her control. Sookie, Eric and Pam need to deal with the new representative, Victor, that King Felipe de Castro has sent to Area Five. Victor is a nasty piece of work and he has it out for Eric. The book starts out with Sookie and her fairie family cleaning out the old Stackhouse attic.  What they find in the attic is interesting and it provides more information about Sookie’s background.

Dead Reckoning is the eleventh book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series (also known as A Sookie Stackhouse Novel), and currently there are a total of twelve books. The thirteenth and final book is going to be released May 2013. All the books are contemporary fantasy but are also known as urban fantasy. They also fall into the romance genre. The story is told in the first person narrative with Sookie’s voice and thoughts as we follow her around.

I thought this book was much better than the previous book, Dead in the Family, but not as good as some of the earlier books. Sookie seemed more like herself, and she seems to have recovered from her ordeal in Dead and Gone. She was enjoying some sun tanning, helping her friends, and dealing with some threats.  I like that Sookie seems to really enjoy the day and the sun, even if she is married to a vampire.  She was also considering her future with Eric and wondering what will happen when she ages. Despite this, I can never see her wanting to become a vampire, she loves the sun too much, she loves being human too much.

The story had lots going on with some unexpected results, but some things also seemed recycled. There was lots of action, especially towards the end of the book. I felt the book was worth reading and I am planning to read the next book in series, Deadlocked. If you are a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels then this is a must read and I recommend it as a good book.


Questions to consider:

Do you think Sookie would ever want to be turned into a vampire?

Do you think that Charlaine Harris is being influenced by the True Blood TV series and this influence is being reflected in her writing?

I invite you to share your thoughts on the above questions... (just click below on the comments link)

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4 thoughts on “Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris”

  1. I think if it was a choice between death and becoming one of the undead, Sookie would pick the later. Although she would deeply miss the sun and most likely would feel quite conflicted by the whole thing.

    1. Thanks for sharing,

      I think if it was me, I would prefer death to becoming a vampire and living only at night. I also believe that Sookie too would prefer to die. She loves the sun and I do not think she would want to live in a world where she would know about it but never be able to touch it. Additionally, she has a strong faith and would probably want to put her faith in God.

      Just a few thoughts,


  2. It is only natural that Charlaine Harris would be impacted by the TV series. However, I find that the show has gone in a completely different direction from the books and I am impressed how little Charlaine Harris is actually affected by the influence of the TV.

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