Never Smile at Strangers by Jennifer Minar-Jaynes

Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Publisher: Inkbug Media (November 16, 2011), Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, File Size: 452 KB, Print Length: 330 pages, ASIN: B0068RVK2Q

How is a young abused boy and a missing, wild and reckless young woman related? “Never Smile at Strangers” shows the reaction of a small town when a young woman disappears and outlines the derailment of an abused boy as he grows into manhood.

This is the first novel Jennifer Minar-Jaynes has published and it is a thriller/suspense.  The story is primarily told in a third person narrative from the point of view of a number of the characters.

The story was captivating from the first page, and I was interested to see where it was going and how it would end. There are several interesting characters that the novel centers around, and each of their journeys are cleverly woven together. Most of the characters were well rounded and the reader can understand the choices that were made. There were also some exciting scenes. Erica was one of my favourite characters; I found her character both likeable and fascinating.

This standalone story that is skillfully drafted, includes a great conclusion, and I recommend it as a very good read.

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