Patchwork of Me by Gregory G. Allen

Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Expected publication: April 15th 2012 by ASD Publishing, Paperback, 312 pages, ISBN: 139780983604945

What if you had a secret past? Would you seek out answers or hide in your room? Sara, now in her early thirties, has decided it is time to find out about her roots.  She has a spot on her forearm that drives her crazy, continually demanding to be scratched, but there is nothing there. She has a recurring dream, where she is a man and a father whose child has drowned. She is unable to maintain a romantic relationship and she lies to her therapist.

Patchwork of Me is Gregory G. Allen’s newest release. The story is a drama told in a first person narrative by the main protagonist, Sara Butler. The story follows Sara while she goes on a journey of self discovery.

I loved how this book began. We are introduced to the main character, who at first glance appears to be male, but soon we discover, was a dream character and we are hooked, why is Sara dreaming she is a man? Before long, we are introduced to Sara and her circle of friends.  Sara lives in Arizona and although she has no family of her own, she has a small group of friends that have become  her family.  It was interesting to read a story that centres on a woman, told from her point of view but written by a man.

This is a good read and the characters are interesting, I enjoyed the banter amongst the friends. This standalone story grabs our attention from the first page and keeps us engaged right up to the ending. The story unfolded in a smooth manner, and although it wasn’t thrilling or exciting, it was captivating.  I recommend this story as a light and entertaining read.



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