Proud Pants by Gregory G. Allen

Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Publisher: ASD Publishing (July 13, 2011), Format: Kindle Edition, File Size: 225 KB, ASIN: B005CQ5O3K

This is a sad but true story about a young man who made some really bad decisions.  He ended up dying at the age of thirty-four from a brain tumour after squandering his life on drugs.

Gregory G. Allen, which is his pen name, is the author and younger brother of John and he tells his brother’s bitter tale. Originally, Gregory G. Allen concentrated on his music and then branched out into short stories and poetry. He has now published this memoir novelette as well as a novel.

Proud Pants is a reflection of John’s life told in his own voice as described by the author. On the whole, I thought the writing was pretty good, although at times it was a bit choppy. This memoir made me cry, it is a tragedy how one young man threw his life away and then continued his insanity with his children. It all seemed to stem from the rejection he received from his mother at an early age. 

The tale is told in an interesting fashion, moving around from the present to the past and then back again. All young people should read this memoir as it clearly shows that the life you create is based on the decisions you make.


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