Witches’ Brew by Terry Brooks

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Book five of The Magic Kingdon of Landover Series
Publisher: Del Rey; First Edition edition (May 1, 1996,) Paperback: 352 pages, ISBN-10: 0345387023,ISBN-13: 978-0345387028

Mistaya, the new daughter of King Ben and Queen Willow is now two years old, but because of her unique heritage she looks like she’s ten year and acts like she’s twenty. When a strange challenger comes to threaten Ben, Mistaya is sent to her Grandfathers for protection with Questor and Abernathy, the only problem is they never arrive.  Instead Mistaya is abducted by Nightshade after she banishes Questor and Abernathy to Ben’s old world.

This is the fifth of six books in The Magic Kingdom of Landover Series. Terry Brooks is also very well known for the numerous books he has written in the Shannara Series, but these two series are totally unrelated.  The Magic Kingdom of Landover Series are fantasy books that go back and forth between contemporary and traditional fantasy depending on the location of the book.  This book is written in the third person narrative from the various characters’ point of view.

This is a fun book to read with the introduction of Ben’s daughter; Mistaya, I think she is an interesting and unique character.  Seeing Abernathy as a man instead of a dog and his reaction to this change is also good reading. We really get to understand Nightsahde as her back story is revealed.  There were several frightening and exciting scenes when Ben was forced to face the numerous challengers.

This is a standalone story, it takes place two years after the end of The Tangle Box and is a very good read. There were several interrelated subplots going on at the same time, each was interesting and the story unfolded to a satisfying and exciting ending.  I highly recommend this book.  If you enjoyed the other books in The Magic Kingdom of Landover series, then you must be sure to read Witches’ Brew.

My Favourite Quote from the book:
We have to accept who we are in this life and make the best of it. Some things we can not change, all we can do is try to help each other when we see that help is needed.

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