What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz

Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Publisher: Brilliance Audio on MP3-CD; MP3 Una edition (December 28, 2010), ISBN-10: 1441818375, ISBN-13: 978-1441818379

What the Night Knows is more than a ghost story. It is the haunting tale of a psychotic killer (Alton Turner Blackwood) who has returned twenty years after his death. He has returned to torment homicide detective John Calvino who shot and killed Blackwood when John was only fourteen years old and found him standing over the dead bodies of the Calvino family. Now, John is terrified for his wife and kids, knowing there is no way to stop the dead man.

Dean Koontz has written numerous books, primarily suspense thrillers, but What the Night Knows falls into the horror and thriller genres. It is told in the third person narrative from many different characters throughout the book including the main protagonist; John, his wife, children and the evil ghost as well as the many different people the ghost possesses.

This was a very scary book, in fact at one point while I was reading it late at night, I got so frightened, I had to close the book until the next day, to read it in the daylight! There were numerous scenes where Blackwood’s psychotic personality came through with explicit gruesomeness. Some of my favourite scenes were the ones between John’s two young daughters; I thought they were well written and believable. I liked how the story unfolded, and I thought the insight into Blackwood was intriguing and interesting.

This is a standalone story, with a great ending.  I highly recommend this book, if you like horror and enjoy being frightened; you should read What the Night Knows.


My favourite quote from the book:

Or if it continued to seem crappy, often it was the kind of crappy that had the potential to be transformed into something quite wonderful if only she could shift her sluggish talent into a higher gear, find that sweet spot between bitter self doubt and dangerous overconfidence and get it done.

Questions to ponder:

What did you think of What the Night Knows?
How do you think it compares to other Dean Koontz Books?
What is your favourite Dean Koontz book?


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