Convert Mobipocket books to EPUB

Converting Mobipocket protected files to EPUB files*

I love to read on my Blackberry, so several years ago I purchased many, many books from Mobipocket. When Kindle became available, I moved over to purchasing my books through Kindle. I was very excited when I found out that Kindle purchased Mobipocket, and then shocked and dismayed when I discovered that I could not open any of my Mobipocket books with my Kindle. (Side note: That was an evil decision by Amazon, especially when you take into consideration it is the same technology!)

Then, my Blackberry broke and it was time to make a switch over to the new Android phone (which I love!) but Mobipocket does not work on the Android.  Now, I was hooped, either read my Mobipocket books on my Laptop (not a good option) or find a way to make it work.

Needless to say, it took me four months, but I figured it out. Yaa!! With much help from and appreciation for Apprentice Alf’s Blog.

So if you too have purchased Mobipocket books in the past and the devices you used no longer work, but you want to read your books on an Android, then I have a plan for you.

1.)    Download Calibre from  This is an ebook library manager. (It is very important to leave the book library in Calibre blank until after you download the plugin.)

2.)    Download the following plugins into your download file and unzip. (On Windows, right-click and “Extract All…”):

  • I found this link at:—-a-guide-for-the-perplexed/ which is on Apprentice Alf’s Blog.

3.)    Search through these files until you find the one entitled: “Calibre_plugins”, open it up and search for the plugin entitled “K4MobileDeDRM_V03.1_plugin”.  (Without the “”) Then copy this file directly onto your download file.  This means you isolate it from the tools file so Calibre can find it.

4.)    Open up Calibre, click on preferences on the top right menu bar.

5.)    Under Advanced, click on plugins (it looks like a puzzle piece.)

6.)    On the bottom left you will see a button, load plugin from file, click on it.  (use only this)

7.)    Browse in your downloads for the plugin entitled: : K4MobileDeDRM_V03.1_plugin and select it.

8.)    Under File Type Plugins, you will find a plugin that removes DRM from K4PC and Mac, Kindle Mobi and Topaz files, this is the one! (Don’t worry it also removes DRM from Mobi-pocket files), click on this plugin until a customize box comes up.  This is where you enter your Mobi-pocket PID number for Mobi-pocket books and your Kindle serial number for your Kindle books.

  •  You Can find your Mobi-Pocket PID number through your Mobi-pocket software on your computer.  Open up this software, go to reading devices, edit properties.  You will find a 10 digit number, this is your PID
  • You can find your Kindle serial number from your Kindle.  Go to: Menu, Settings, then type 411.

9.)    The hard part is over.  Your next step is Add Books, using the button on the top left. Then select the book you have just added, right click and select convert book.  Voila! like magic you now have your book in a EPUB format and you can read it on numerous readers.


 Once again, thanks to Apprentice Alf’s Blog. For more information please check out his blog at:

*This is only for personal use, provided for people who previously bought their books from Mobipocket and can no longer access them, but still want to receive personal value for the product they purchased. It is not intended for large scale distribution of dedrmed ebooks, which is just wrong.


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