A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin

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Book Review: 1 Treasure Box
A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4
Publisher: Bantam (September 26, 2006), Paperback: 1104 pages, ISBN-10: 055358202X, ISBN-13: 978-0553582024

Winter is coming in more ways than one and the walking dead have awakened.  There is a dark shadow over the world and kings are dying like flies. The big question remains, who will be the final ruler on the iron throne? We learn there is a prophecy and the Red Woman thinks Stannis fills the bill, or is it really Danerys? We follow Sansa and Arya’s stories, but their endings are nowhere yet in sight. There are still many questions to be answered, but some light has been shed.

A Feast for Crows is the fourth book in the series, there are currently four books with book five to be released July 2011. Two more are proposed to be coming in the future; however, since there is a six year span between books four and five, with no information on when any of the other books will be released, we might need to wait a long time for the final books. This series falls into the fantasy genre and takes place on a fictional world that is similar to that of King Arthur, but it includes magic, strange beings and winters that can last up to 10 years. The story is told in a third person narrative from the numerous different characters point of view with each chapter bearing the name of the character it is focusing on.

The story did progress, if somewhat slowly and a few things were revealed, some of which I found rather startling. I am not enjoying this book nearly as much as the previous books; I find it drags on at times without much happening. There is very little action, although the few times it appeared it was exciting. There was too much focus on new characters, who were not very interesting. Cersei’s character is shown to be truly evil in this book and by the end of the story I truly hated her.

I loved the previous books and I want to know where the story is going, that is the main reason I continued to read this book. If you have read the first three books, then you should read A Feast of Crows so you can follow the story and prepare for A Dance with Dragons which is expected to be released this summer.

My favourite quote from the book: “Let him have a more pleasant dream than I and a sweeter waking.”

Questions to Ponder:
Were you frustrated with how this book was told?
Any guesses as to when the remainder of the books will be released?

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