The Butcher’s Boy by Michael Robb

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Published December 8th 2010 by Michael Robb Mathias Jr., ebook, 325 pages, ISBN: 139781452413655

How would you deal with sadistic ghosts possessing your house and those you love? Michael is an eleven year old boy who has this problem and he’s compelled to discover why they are in his house.   He does research and learns that a gruesome murder was committed in his new home.  Michael is aided by his faithful dog, the fierce Rottweiler Lucy, his kind baby-sitter and a recovering handyman. They decide to hold a séance to communicate with the ghosts and find out why they are there and how to get rid of them. Bit by bit the story unfolds.

The Butcher’s Boy was written by M. R. Mathias under the pen name of Michael Robb. M.R. Mathias has written a total of six books, five fantasy and one horror. This book falls into the horror genre, and it contains many paranormal themes. It is told as a third person narrative from many different characters point of view, but primarily from that of the central protagonist, Micheal.

The Butcher’s Boy catches your attention from the first page and keeps you on the edge of your seat for a wild and scary ride. A variety of things happen in this book including possession, murder, kidnapping and redemption. I really liked all the characters, especially Michael. They were well developed and I thought their actions and reactions were realistic. The ending was exciting but brutal and I thought maybe a bit cheesey.

This is a standalone book with a well thought out plot that builds to a crescendo. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading scary, gruesome books.
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