Purchased Power by Dennis Sheehan

Book Review: 1 Treasure Box

I enjoyed this first, stand-alone book by a new author and it will be interesting to see what else he comes up with. The book grabs your attention from the first page and the adventure holds your interest throughout the whole book. I really liked the protagonist John Moore. He is smart, attractive, ingenious and is a very good protector for Rebecca. The book starts out with John sailing alone from San Francisco to Hong Kong with a few adventures along the way. He decides to stay in  Hong Kong for numerous reasons, including the event that forced him to make the trip in the first place. Many things happen to John in Hong Kong including falling in love. From here the story slowly unfolds introducing the various players and events that drive it along.

The story is filled with suspense and has many layers of corruption and intrigue. I enjoyed reading about life in Hong Kong where we are introduced to John’s new friends.  There is lots of action in the book and one part with torture that I found to be very graphic and somewhat disturbing. I really enjoyed the sailing trip that John and Rebecca took from Japan to Canada and found it to be exciting, thrilling and filled with beautiful imagery.

Although the book was well written, I found it to be unpolished. I also thought there were a few plot holes in the story relating to releasing the coveted information. For this reason the book lost one treasure box.

I was disappointed with the ending of book, I thought it was rushed and a bit confusing and for this reason the book lost another treasure box.  Overall I thought the story warranted 3 treasure boxes as it shows lots of imagination and was generally well thought out, but due to the problems outlined above I had to give the story a 1 treasure box rating.

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  1. Linda, Thank you for taking the time to review Purchased Power. This is my first published work and I agree with your comments. My second, Green to Red, is more polished. For a first time author the editing process is a mine field and it is something you have to learn as you go. Thank you again for this review.
    Dennis Sheehan

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