The Good, The Bad, and The Undead by Kim Harrison

Book Review: 1 Treasure Boxes
The Hollows Series, Book 2
Publisher: HarperCollins (Mobi-pocket January 2005,) 425 KB (453 pages,) ISBN 0-06-082680-0

Rachel and crew are back in business fighting against evil. However, some would consider Ivy evil since she is an undead vampire and very dangerous in her own right, expecially since she is trying to abstain from consuming blood and is thus driven by the desire for it. One must wonder why Rachel wants to live with Ivy to begin with, could it be she enjoys the thrill of danger or is it just because she feels it is safer dealing with Ivy’s unpredictability and imminent attack than she would be living on her own with the Demon made Vampire mark on her plus her troubles with the IS.

The Good, The Bad and the Undead is the second book in the Rachel Morgan/The Hollows series.  Currently there are nine books in the series, with another three or four expected to be relaesed in the future. This series is a modern day story that centers around inderlanders: witches, weres, vampires and others including the occasional demon, so it falls into the Contemporary Fantasy or Urban Fantasy genre.  It is told in the first person narrative from Rachel Morgan’s point of view, she is the main protagonist.

This book follows the same style and format on the previous book.  It takes place 3 months after Rachel’s escape from the IS. She has been working as an independent runner, just barely earning a living. She has been hired by the FIB, (the human police force,) to track down the missing witches. Kirsten plays a larger role and there is some hot and heavy sensual writing between Kirsten and Rachel. Kirsten is a friend of Ivy’s, an undead vampire and the Scion for a very powerful and dangerous vampire.

Rachel believes that Trent is involved, (he is the very mysterious, very gorgeous bad guy,) because it is his newest secretary (the last one was killed under abstruse circumstances) whose fiance (who is a witch) is missing.  As the book progresses some of the things that Rachel does are not very smart and she is very lucky she does not end up dead. At times I found Rachel to be a bit irritating. Although it is an interesting twist in how she solves this puzzle, but in some ways I thought the ending was too convenient and there were a few holes in the plot.

I enjoyed this book and I am curious to see what else Rachel is going to get up to, so I am going to read the next book in the series.  This is a stand alone book, but it is also part of a larger story, so the books need to be read in sequence.



**Spoilert alert **If you have not read the book do not read any further, but I had a few questions…

I thought it was interesting the way Rachel got the Demon “Al” to testify against Piscary, but they never did explain how Quin managed to be in time to save Rachel.  And since Rachel could draw on a ley line through Nick, why did she wait so long to do so? Anyways a few questions???



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