Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes

Fourth Book in The Outlander Series

Interesting historical novel with absorbing characters and adventures. This book immediately follows events from Book Three and it takes place in America in 1767. It also briefly comes back to the present and further builds on Brianna and Rogers characters and relationship. 

Brianna discovers some distressing information about her parents and decides to go to the past and join them.  Roger, who realizes he loves her, decides to follow.  The book is about their journey, both to past and together in the past, they have a number of unpleasant events that both bring them closer together and separate them. Claire and Jamie also have a number difficulties to overcome and of course there is an enjoyable level of romance between them plus the usual number of hot and heavy scenes.

It is always delightful to read about living in the past and to join in the life of these entertaining characters. The book had a good ending and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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