The Secret Histories Series by Simon R Green

Book Review: I have not completed the series yet, so I can not rate it

This series centres around our protagonist Eddie Drood, who is a member of the Drood clan who have special living armor that when activated is virtually indestructible. The Drood clan has supposedly been protecting the world for centuries.

As you read the series you come to know and understand the family and how it works.  There is much turmoil in the family and lots of fighting against evil creatures. The series take place in contemporary times and deals with vampires, werewolves, elves  and magic.  But it also deals with aliens, immortals, demons and other dimensional beings.

The series also is a bit of a parody on the bond movies. For starters his alias is Bond, shaman Bond and the first book is called The Man in the Golden Torc, the second book is called Deamons are Forever and the third book is called The Spy Who Haunted Me. These books are also very much in line with Simon R. Green’s style.   He does not take himself very seriously, and at times the dialogue is a bit silly.   Each book is a stand alone story with a complete story.

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