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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

This entry is part [part not set] of 2 in the series The Lorien Legacies
Book Review
Book Review

Book Review of The Power of Six: 2 Treasure Boxes
Book Two of the Lorien Legacies


John, AKA Number Four, has joined forces with Six and now the charm is broken, they are no longer protected. Instead, with the help of John’s human best friend, Sam and his shape-shifting dog, they are devising a plan to defeat the Mogadorians. But first they need to evade the evil aliens, who seem to be everywhere. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, Number Seven, AKA Marina of the Sea, has her own problems but she is certain that John is Loric and is desperately trying to figure out how to contact him.

The Power of Six was much better than the first book, I Am Number Four. There were more characters, which made the story more interesting, and we learned a bit more about the deeper story. Also there was lots of action, which was exciting. I recommend The Power of Six as a good read and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, The Rise of Nine.


Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Book Review
Book Review

Book Review of Wedding Night: 1 Treasure Box
Publisher: Random House Audio, Audible Audio Edition, Listening Length: 13 hours and 13 minutes (464 pages,) ASIN: B00CAZKFJ4

Lottie is convinced that the man she has been dating for four years is going to ask her to become his wife. Fliss, the older and wiser sister, is going through a divorce. However, things do not go as expected, so when Lottie ends up engaged to an old flame, someone she has not seen in fifteen years, Fliss does everything she can to stop the marriage from becoming official

Madeleine Wickham is the author of this book written under the pen name of Sophie Kinsella. She has written numerous books under this name, including the  Shopaholic novels.  Please see my other reviews at Sophie Kinsella reviews. All of these novels including Wedding Night are considered chick lit. The story is told in the first person narrative alternating between two sisters. 

Wedding Night combines and interweaves two story lines and is told in the alternating voice of these two sisters, showing their different perspectives.  I l

iked Lottie’s character, but I found Fliss annoying at times. The story had no suspense or sense of mystery and I knew after the first third of the book what was going to happen. I also found the story unrealistic and trying. Especially all the scenes concerning Lottie and Ben’s wedding night experience. Although I think the biggest flaw in the book was the lack of romance.

There were a few funny scenes in this book, but overall I found it rather lackluster and disappointing. I did finish the book, but I could only rate it as okay. Not good, not bad, just okay. Overall, I was disappointed because it was not what I had come to expect from this author.

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Memory in Death by J. D. Robb

This entry is part [part not set] of 26 in the series In Death Series
Book Review

Book Review of Memory In Death: 2 Treasure Boxes
In Death Series, Book 25
Publisher: Brilliance Audio, Listening Length: 10 hours and 58 minutes (384 pages), ASIN: B0019ZWM2O

It’s Christmas 2059, and Santa is dead, but that’s an easy case for Lieutenant Eve Dallas. In Memory in Death, the hard case comes later and involves the murder of Trudy Lombard, a woman who was once Eve’s foster mother. She is brutally killed, sometime after she tried to blackmail Roake about Eve’s nefarious past.

To date there are 44 books in the In Death series, with one more expected to be released in February of 2013. These books are crime drama, suspense and romance because they focus on the case Eve is currently working on as well as her and Roake’s personal relationship. This is a futuristic suspense that takes place in 2059 in New York City. The books are told in a third person narrative and they focus primarily on Lieutenant Eve Dallas, but at times the story is also told through some of the other characters including the murderer. They are written by Nora Roberts under the pseudonym of J. D. Robb.

Memory in Death gives the reader more insight into Eve’s life as a child since it provides an avenue for flashbacks to her first experience in child protective services.  Where the woman who was supposed to protect young girls was actually very cruel and abusive and did far more harm than good. This book had a good hook and it kept the reader engaged as it unfolded and developed. There was a good twist at the end, and even though I saw it coming, I still like how it was presented.

The story is well told and interesting, and I recommend this book as a good read. It is a standalone story and the book can be read and enjoyed on its own.   However I recommend you read the books in order to receive the most enjoyment since the story revolves around the characters and they grow and develop in each new installment.

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Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

This entry is part [part not set] of 13 in the series The Dresden Files
Book Review

Book Review of Dead Bead: 2 Treasure Boxes
Book seven of the Dresden Files
Publisher: Roc (May 2, 2006), Paperback: 528 pages, ISBN-10: 045146091X, ISBN-13: 978-0451460912

The word of Kemmler provides the hidden information which allows a necromancer to turn into a demi-god. Harry Dresden must discover how the word will provide such power and stop anyone from using it. Meanwhile, he needs to fight against the competing forces of evil that are all searching it out, and the deadline is Halloween, which is fast approaching. In between, Harry and his friends are facing numerous obstacles from many different directions.

Dead Beat is the seventh book in The Dresden Files. Jim Butcher has currently written 13 books in this series with book 14 due November 2012. He has also written 6 books in the Codex Alera Series, which is closer to High Fantasy than the Dresden Files. See my review of these books at https://books-treasureortrash.com/series/codex-alera-series/  The Dresden Files are considered Contemporary Fantasy and sometimes are referred to as Urban Fantasy. They can also fall into the Detective genre since Harry solves a case in each book. Each book is told in the first person narrative from Harry Dresden’s point on view as we follow him through his life while he solves his current case.

Dead Beat is the story about a modern day wizard (Harry) who is fighting against evil in the supernatural community. The story was well told and kept the suspense going right up to the end. There were a few interesting scenes concerning the fallen angel whose coin Harry holds, and there was plenty of action. We learn more about Harry, more about the war against the Red Vampires, more about BOB, and more about the supernatural world that Harry lives. A couple of my favourite characters are BOB, the air spirit and Mouse, Harry’s Tibetan Temple dog.

The story is stand alone, but should be read in sequence with the rest of the books in the series since each story builds on the one preceding it and the world it takes place in has its own unique rules which are released over time. I recommend this book as a good read. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.  If you enjoy reading a good detective story encasing paranormal activities with a strong, honorable hero then give this series a try.  However, you should read the books in order as the overall story does build even if each book is stand alone.


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