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The Codex Alera series By Jim Butcher

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Book Review:  2   Treasure Boxes

This is a new and interesting concept in Fantasy.  The series is about a country called Alera on the world of Carna, where there are elemental beings who can control metal, air, water, earth or fire, they are called Furies.  Some of these beings are wild and can do harm, but when they are wild they do not seem to have a lot of intelligence.  There are also several peoples who live there. They all have different physical looks and abilities.

There are the Calderons who the story centers around, and who resemble us physically, and almost everyone has the ability to bond  with Furies. They can both with anywhere from 1 to 5 Furies from the age of adolescence on with varying degrees of strength.  The nobility tend to have access to the most Furies with the greatest strength, and as this ability tends to be hereditary, that probably explains why.

The Marats, who are similar to us, but different in looks in that they are extremely pale, light skinned and different in that they have an ability to bond mentally and emotionally with other creatures.

The Carin are humanoid but with wolf characteristics both physically and socially.  They have access to a different form of magic that they acquire through the death blood of either their enemies or their own people.

The Iceman are savage, apelike creatures who can communicate with each other without speaking and they seem to have control over the weather.

The final peoples are the Vord, who are enemies to everyone.  They are not humanoid, but rather more insectoid. They operate under the mental command of queens, have the ability to read minds, can burrow into a dead body and re-animate it while adding great strength and no fear. They can also move extremely fast. The queen has the ability to hatch out many different sized and shaped Vord, she also has the ability to create new forms of Vord to better able them to fight their enemies.

The stories center around Tavi a young sheep herding apprentice. From the Calderon valley of Alera and his family. There are 6 books in the series, where Tavi is the protagonist, showing his growth as a person as well as his many adventures fighting the various peoples on his world.  I found the series to be interesting and intriguing.

Book 1: Furies of Calderon, Book 2: Academ’s Fury, Book 3:Cursor’s Fury, Book 4: Captain’s Fury, Book 5: Princep’s Fury, Book 6: First Lord’s Fury

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
The Hollows Series, book 1
Publisher: HarperCollins ebook, 658 KB (432 pages,)

This is a fun book to read.  It introduces the three main characters who live and work together.  Rachel is a sassy and independent Witch, she is also a good fighter, Jenks is a hunkie 4″ Pixie who lives in the garden with his wife and large brood of kids.  Ivy is a sexy, dangerous undead vampire who has the hots for Rachel.  The premise of the book is established where Rachel is setting up as an independent runner (like a private investigator,) working with both Jenks and Ivy. Rachel hasn’t yet been hired to do any work, but she is trying to clear her name, so she can remove the death threat against her. (Hence the name of the book.) In the process she is getting in and out of all kinds of trouble.

Dead Witch Walking is the first book in The Rachel Morgan/The Hollows Series. Currently there are nine books in the series, with another three or four expected to be relaesed in the future. This series is a modern day story that centers around inderlanders: witches, weres, vampires and others including the occasional demon, so it falls into the Contemporary Fantasy or Urban Fantasy genre. It is told in the first person narrative from Rachel Morgan’s point of view, she is the main protagonist.

We learn about the world they live in where Inderlanders and humans live side by side.  We also watch the development of the relationship between the three main characters and we meet new characters and experience new situations with the characters.  It is highly entertaining, with lots of action. This is a stand alone book with a good build right up to an exciting conclusion.

I really enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. If you enjoy reading contemporary fantasy novels with a sassy witch as the main protagonist, then you will enjoy this book.


The Demon Awakens by R.A. Salvatore

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Book Review:  no trash cans and no treasure boxes
First Book of the first trilogy in the Demon Wars Series
Publisher: Del Rey (February 28, 1998), Paperback: 624 pages, ISBN-10: 0345421620, ISBN-13: 978-0345421623

This book takes place on a world that is equivalent to our pre-technological world, but it includes Goblins, Giants, Dwarfs, Elves, Demons and magic.  It starts out with 3 different, seemingly unrelated people and events, the first is the re-awakening of our antagonist the demon dactyl, the second is an introduction of our protagonist Elbryan Wyndon, who is thirteen years old, the third is a young monk named Avelyn.

I really enjoyed the first third of the book where the characters were introduced, I found them to be intriguing.  However, by the half way point I found the book to be a bit slow and draggy.  The story is your typical good versus evil, however there is not much dimension in the characters, they are either good or evil, with next to no variety in their personalities or characters. I found the story to be predictable and more of a chore to read than a pleasure.  The ending was true to form and not very satisfying.

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