City of Night by Dean Koontz

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Book Review: 2 Treasure Boxes
Frankenstein Book 2
Publisher: Random House Audio, Listening Length: 8 hours and 29 minutes (400 pages), ASIN: B000ALAL5S

The creator of Frankenstein is creating and enslaving his own private race of super beings. The only problem is he is crazy and his beings are starting to break down. It is now current day and police detectives Carsen and Michael with a little help from Deucalion are trying to stop this insanity, but Victor’s influence is causing the evidence to disappear and no one believes there is a problem.

Dean Koontz has written numerous books, primarily suspense thrillers, but City of Nights falls into the horror genre, it is the second of five books written in his Frankenstein series. He co-wrote the first novel in this series with Kevin J. Anderson and City of Nights with Ed Gorman.  It is told in the third person narrative from the point of view of the various different characters in the book.

Victor is the ultimate in evil. In the original he was a good guy and suffered greatly at the hands of his creation. But 200 years of power has corrupted him, or perhaps the adjustments he did to himself to prolong his life have caused him to become insane. His creations are all self destructing but there’s no real explanation as to why and why now. We get an inside view of some of the characters that Victor has created.  There was some amusing banter between Mike and Carsen and they are both great characters.

There is still no conclusion to the story, this novel is more like the end of a part than the end of a book.  It definitely falls into the horror category with some pretty gruesome scenes but it also had lots of action and an intriguing story. I am wondering how Carsen, Michael and Deucalion are going to stop Victor.  I will be reading the next installment to see what happens next and how this tale unfolds.

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