Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

Book Review: 2 Treasure boxes

The First Dark Days Novel

An interesting look at the modern urban fantasy novel.  Our protagonist is Mira a vampire who is also a firestarter, in that she has power and control over starting and directing fire.  Also, fire can not harm her as it does most vampires.

This book also introduces Danaus, a vampire hunter who is not human.  The book starts out with Danaus hunting Mira, but later they become cohorts in fighting against the Naturi.  The Naturi are evil  elf-like creatures who both disdain and feel superior to Humans and Vampires. In the distant past the vampires sealed the majority of the Naturi away in a remote world and the Naturi are now trying to break the seal to come back and dominate earth.

The characters are introduced and we notice a sexual tension develop between Danaus and Mira, we also come to realize that Danaus is not human and has a unique power of his own. We also learn about Mira’s past and what motivates her and we come to learn that she is a “nice” vampire and does not believe in killing humans. I found the book to be interesting and enjoyed reading it, I wanted to see what happened in the next book.

The book had an partial ending to the story but was more like the end of a chapter, than of a book, so this series is definitely not stand alone books.

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