The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Book Two of Mistborn
Publisher: Tor Fantasy (June 3, 2008), 816 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 0765356139, ISBN-13: 978-0765356130


The Lord Ruler is overthrown and the world is in turmoil.  The main characters who worked together to create this new environment are now endeavouring to solve the world’s problems. However, there are armies working against them and the falling ash is getting worse not better.  Also, the mist is starting to make people sick and die. Plus Vin feels compelled to find the Well of Ascension, before it is too late, as this is where the power is hidden.

Mistborn: The Well of Ascension is the second book in the Mistborn series. Currently there are three books with the fourth to be released November 2011. This is a high fantasy book that takes place on the world of Scadrial. A land that is plagued by constant ash falls and overwhelming mists which prevent the growth of vegetation. The story is told in the third person narrative from the various different characters point of view.

This story is even more exciting than the first book with the continuation of an exciting and unusual tale. We get a realistic look at what would happen if the whole social structure of the world changed. Elend Venture (Vin’s husband) becomes an uncertain King and it is interesting to watch his growth. The story is well written and well thought out as it explores the development of the world and the characters within it as they go through such a radical change. The other form of magic known as Feruchemy is explored in much greater depth in this novel. This is where certain people can store various mental or physical attributes within their bodies from the different metals that they wear. The ending was suspenseful, quite surprising and revealed more about the history of the land.

The book can stand on its own since it comes to a good conclusion. Yet it still leaves us wondering what will happen in the final book of the series. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a good story that explores political turmoil within the high fantasy genre.

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