The Noble Dead series 1 by Barb & J.C. Hendee

Book Rating: 2 Treasure Boxes

I like the premise of the series because it is different from your run of the mill vampire stories.   The Noble Dead series are fantasy books with vampires, vampire hunters and elves. It is original. The story takes place in a simpler time where there are no modern conveniences and if you want to get somewhere you either walk, ride a horse or take a boat.

The series revolves around Magiere, who had a human mother and a vampire father. This makes her special, she can go out in the day, yet she also has special powers which make her the perfect vampire hunter. Her traveling companion is Leesil a half elf who has his own secrets. To round out the group there is a very special, long-lived dog named Chap.

The series starts with Magiere, Leesil and Chap scamming villagers that they are vampire slayers when actually they just fake the whole thing to collect a fee.  Then once they settle down and buy a place for themselves, they actually face a real vampire and discover that due to Magiere’s unique parentage, Leesils’ upbringing and Chap’s unique skills that they actually are vampire slayers.

The story then follows our three main characters around in their various adventures and it introduces a mysterious stranger who does weird things and seems to know far too much about Magiere.  As the story progresses the stranger’s agenda soon becomes Magiere’s.

Book one: Dhamphir, Book Two: The Thief of Lives, Book Three: Sister of the Dead, Book Four: Traitor to the Bood, Book Five: Rebel Fay, Book Six: Child of a Dead God

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