The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

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An unusual premise for fantasy novels. The magic system is unique and the social structure is also unusual, with the majority of the world being Skaa, slaves with no rights and no supposed Allomanic abilities and the balance of the world is the Nobility who do have Allomanic abilities. Although the series it is still ultimately a battle of good versus evil.

The main protagonist is a girl by the name of Vin who goes through a great transformation from skittish imp to the strongest  and bravest Allomancer in this world. She learns from her mentor Kelsier, who is the leader of an underground gang.

There are several other characters in the book who work with Vin to try to bring an end to the thousand year rule of the evil Lord Ruler.  During the series we come to know and understand the Lord Ruler and to see how he came to be what he is, although we still do not necessary believe what he did was right.

There is magic in the form of Allomancers, certain few individuals who can burn metals, that enhance various mental and physical abilities.  That is they ingest small amounts of various metals and depending on the individual and metal, they obtain special powers until the metals burn out of their system.  Mistborns can burn all the metals and Mistings can only burn one specific metal.  One of the most interesting abilities is an Allomancer who can burn Steel, this allows the individual to push and pull on any metal object around them, thereby giving them the ability to almost fly.  A method of travelling by a Coinshot (the name given to an Allomancer who is burning steel,) is to thrown coins down and then push against the coin to fly up.

The other form of magic is Feruchemy, that is where certain people can store various mental or physical attributes in different metals that they wear.  For example thousands of books can be read while wearing a copper bracelet and thus store the books in that bracelet.  Or good health can be stored in a gold bracelet, the only challenge with this is that in order to store up the good health, one must spend time in a reduced feeling of health to save up his health in the metal for later use.

All three novels were interesting and the final really explains how the world came to be with a different kind of conclusion.  I thought the ending was a bit sad and maybe just a little too simplified, but on the whole the series was great.

Book One: Mistborn: The Final Empire, Book Two: The Well of Ascension, Book Three: The Hero of Ages

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