The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
The Third Robert Langdon book
Publisher: Anchor; Reprint edition (October 19, 2010),Paperback: 656 pages, ISBN-10: 1400079144, ISBN-13: 978-1400079148

The story centres around our favourite symbologist, Robert Langdon and quickly jumps into intrigue. He must solve a riddle concerning the Masons and a hidden portal in Washington, D.C.  The answer will leads to ancient magical wisdom, which can elevate man to the realm of the gods.

This is an exciting story and it includes a good heart stopping escape scene where  Katherine Solomon, the scientist escapes from Mal’akh, the main antagonist.  The characters were all interesting, from the crazy bad guy, the attractive middle-aged lady scientist and her brother to the government people all running around trying to solve this newest dilemma.

I really enjoyed this book, it was unpredictable, plus there was a surprising twist in the story. Mr. Brown kept us guessing right up to the end which was exciting and came to a great conclusion.

I enjoyed the references in the book to the power of the mind and the scientific proof that is out there which proves that the mind can control energy, which is something that I have always believed in. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it as a good read.

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One thought on “The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown”

  1. I did not really enjoy “Lost Symbol” that much. I can’t really point out a specific reason for that, but it just didn’t seem to be as exciting as “The DaVinci Code”.

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