Mistborn:The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

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Book Review: 3 Treasure Boxes
Book One of Mistborn
Publisher: Tor Fantasy (July 31, 2007), 672 pages, Language: English, ISBN-10: 9780765350381, ISBN-13: 978-0765350381


Mistborn: The Final Empire is an unusual premise for a fantasy novel. The magic system is unique and comes from the consumption of alloys which gives the user various abilities depending on the alloy. The social structure is also unusual. The majority of the world is comprised of slaves who are known as Skaa. They have no rights and the nobility has ensured that none have Allomanic abilities. The balance of the world is the Nobility of which some have Allomanic abilities and they are referred to as mistborn. Ultimately the series plotline concerns a battle of good versus evil.

I really enjoyed this book and I liked all the characters. We meet Vin, the main protagonist, and watch her grow from an insecure thief to a very successful mistborn.  Kelsier and his crew are also introduced and the story unfolds with the joining of these people. Together they are planning a big job (theft) from the Lord Ruler. In the process, as part of the job, Vin plays the part of nobility, even though she is a Skaa. I really enjoyed watching Vin’s transformation to a lady.

Mistborn: The Final Empire is the first book in the Mistborn series. Currently there are three books with the fourth book to be released November 2011. This is a high fantasy book that takes place on the world of Scadrial. A land that is plagued by constant ash falls and overwhelming mists which prevent the growth of vegetation. The book is told in the third person narrative from the various different characters.

The book is interesting with the main plot line surrounding the plan to steal from the Lord Ruler. But it also introduces all the characters showing good development and growth for most of the players. The story is told in an exciting manner, exploring an interesting social structure and a new twist on an unusual magic system. I found the ending to be extremely exciting as well as interesting.

The book can stand on its own since it comes to a good conclusion. Yet it still left plenty of room for the story to continue in the next book, which I quickly picked up and read.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading high fantasy revolving around the struggle between good and evil utilizing interesting characters.

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